Hampton Park Secondary College

One size does not fit all and neither should education, says the principal at Hampton Park Secondary College, Wayne Haworth.
“Everyone is unique and individual with interests, passions and learning needs.”
In a traditional schooling model, students study all areas of the curriculum. At Hampton Park Secondary College (HPSC), we give control back to students, by allowing them to select subject based on interests and passion.
Students have the opportunity to select from over 100 new electives from Planet Earth, Robotics and Snack Attack to Fantastic Beasts and much more.
Our world is rapidly changing, so schools must better prepare students. At Hampton Park Secondary College, staff believe that ‘education should be done with students, rather
than to students’.
Students are offered three programs, Explore (Year 7); Enhance (Years 8-10); Excel (Year 11- 12). At HPSC, we offer vertical learning whereby students are grouped according to their passions and learning needs rather than simply by age.
This innovative, tailor-made approach to learning assists students so that no student is held back, and no one is left behind. Learning is an organic process and by creating optimal conditions for learning, students thrive.
At HPSC, we empower students through student voice to have a direct influence on teaching and learning across the College. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through our targeted student voice and leadership programs.
Student leadership roles have been designed for our students, by our students, and there are leadership opportunities for all year levels. Involvement in leadership helps strengthen engagement and connectedness in our student cohort, and improves learning outcomes.
To see our learning community in action, discover our individually tailored student programmes and discuss what learning opportunities Hampton Park Secondary College can offer your student, book a Principal led tour via our website.