Whittlesea Secondary College

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Our Vision and Values
“Education is not a linear process of preparation for the future: it is about cultivating the talents and sensibilities through which we can live our best lives in the present and create the best futures for us all.”
Sir Ken Robinson, International
Advisor on Education
At Whittlesea Secondary College, our vision is to empower and support our students to become successful, confident and responsible contributors to their own learning – both in the school community and beyond.
We value student empowerment and choice, fostering strong student leadership across the school. Students are empowered to use their knowledge to build individual pathways for their futures and embrace a collective understanding of the world we live in. Our values are laid out below, and you can see how WSC students celebrate these through our curriculum, latest news, and community projects at www.whittleseasc.vic.edu.au
Applying yourself involves being willing to give things a go and put knowledge into action.
Trying your best at all tasks and aiming to improve yourself.
Having a growth mindset and realising practice makes progress, nothing is ever perfect, everything can be improved.
Application will take effort, organisation and resilience, this is how we grow.
Being respectful to one another and valuing that individuals have differences (cultural and personal) which enrich a community.
We need to celebrate difference and learn from one another.
Be a team player and learn to collaborate. Life and learning are easier when we support one another.
Confidence in our sense of self. Accepting that every individual has worth and can make a significant contribution.
Taking pride in our school and respecting the spaces created for us.
Praise don’t criticise, value feedback and learn from it. Empathise, forgive and be supportive
of other.
Recognising that our own achievement will look different to others.
Valuing group and individual successes.
Striving to do the best we can do, setting high expectations for ourselves and others.
Setting goals to help us get to where we want to go.
Celebrating our success and those of
our community.