Wyndham Central College

The first nationally recognised AVID Site
of Distinction (2019).
Wyndham Central College is proudly preparing the leaders of tomorrow to be agile, innovative and creative problem solvers, through a
range of excellent education programs and teaching strategies.
Wyndham Central College is the first secondary school in Australia to attain “Site of Distinction” AVID Certification.
AVID is a schoolwide program that uses research-based, best teaching and learning strategies to actively engage the student in their learning. While all students at Wyndham Central College area AVID students, it is also offered as an elective from Year 9 – Year 12.
AVID helps all students to believe that they can achieve. It provides students with the tools, skills and knowledge to be successful students and to be university, work and career ready.
Wyndham Central College has a STEM Academy. The STEM Academy’s curriculum has been designed by a team of highly qualified teachers and industry experts.
Students entering the STEM Academy will participate in cutting edge specialist programs that include: Robotics and Coding – Electronics – 3D Printing – Engineering – 3D Modelling and Gaming. Students work with Industry and the Wyndham Tech School at Victoria University to gather and process data to solve real life and potential issues in the community and beyond.
At Wyndham Central College, our Enrichment Program provides an optimal learning environment to address the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of students that display a talent in a particular area.
The program extends enrichment opportunities for students both within and beyond the classroom. All students in the Enrichment Program develop a Project over the course of each year. The project centres on developing an authentic product or performance, and allows students to build excellence in a real-world context. Enrichment experiences are interwoven into the student’s existing program with extra-curricular activities playing an important role in supporting student’s talent development.
Spanish Immersion Program (SIP)
The Spanish Immersion bilingual program (SIP) at Wyndham Central Secondary College is a well- researched approach for promoting bi-literacy, bilingualism, and biculturalism for students. The underlying goal is to prepare students to be global citizens with abilities to listen, speak, read, and write in two languages.
Our students develop an appreciation for the second most used language and their cultures in a rigorous academic program that extends students language skills and vocabulary whilst completing a percentage of their core subjects including mathematics, science and humanities in Spanish.
Wyndham Central College’s mission is to develop achievement opportunities and prepare all students for post-secondary education, skills development and work readiness so they can participate in a global community as productive citizens.