Lara Primary School

Our goal at Lara Primary School is to create a learning environment that recognises the unique stages of development and provides child-centred experiences reflective of the Victorian Curriculum. When developing curriculum programs, our teachers take into account the whole child and their individual learning needs. Whilst, Literacy and Numeracy are a key focus, we also place high importance on other areas such as Inquiry, Physical Education, Science, Digital Technologies, Art and LOTE (Indonesian).
We are proud of our strong sense of community and association with the environment. We take full advantage of our rural location. This is reflected by the number of extra-curricular programs offered to students at all year levels, including our important partnership with Serendip Sanctuary.
At Lara Primary School there is a consistent approach to student behaviour and management that is based on best practice. Students are explicitly taught social and emotional skills through our Student Wide Positive Behaviour System. They are also encouraged to display a growth mindset by taking responsibility for and reflecting on their own behaviour. The students are directed by our three school rules:
I am safe
I am respectful
I am ready to learn
The students are guided by dedicated and caring teachers who are committed to working together in cohort teams. These teams focus on providing a learning environment that is safe, has high expectations, develops the full potential of each child and insists on continuous improvement for all students.
We strongly value the home-school partnership, believing that by working together we can achieve successful outcomes for all of our students. We are proud of the community spirit which connects us, with positive relationships and open communication supporting our efforts to provide an excellent education for all.
Joel Riddle
Lara Primary School