Berwick Lodge Primary School

Captivating students attention and interest is a central challenge for all teachers wishing to make a real difference. That challenge was put
to my colleagues and me throughout our years in training to become teachers. That was then,
many years ago, and it remains so now.
Technological advances have brought with them
wonderful opportunities with which to enhance the engagement of students in their learning. Paradoxically, they have simultaneously also brought with them, frustrating distractions.
How then to maximise the positive opportunities, whilst minimising the negatives? Insofar as minimising the distractive potential of digital technologies, the Victorian Department of Education & Training have introduced a ban on mobile phones use by students during school hours, with limited exceptions.
On the other hand, how can schools capture
the potential of digital technologies to best
engage students in their learning? There is certainly no shortage of software available that
teachers can access with this intent.
That is only the beginning – Immersive Experience STEM Education (IXSTEM), an acronym, by the way , which was non-existent just a few years ago, offers new and exciting pathways to engagement.
At Berwick Lodge Primary School, several years ago we embarked on a journey focused on better engaging kindergarten children in their learning as they transitioned to primary school.
This culminated in the publication of an Augmented Reality (AR) illustrated story book, titled, The Adventures of Harry the Helmeted Honeyeater & Hettie the Forest Keeper late last year. Building on the success of this initiative this year we have introduced learning units on creating AR characters for our students. Simultaneously we have partnered with
Deakin University in a research project on the potential of AR to enhance student engagement in their learning.
As educators we owe our children our best efforts to provide them with the richest of learning opportunities and having them loving to learn is the bedrock. Why not check us out?
Henry Grossek,
Berwick Lodge Primary School