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      Greetings. We here at Assumption College are proud to be able to share something of our community, culture, aspirations and achievements through this website. We are a unique school, with over 125 years of experience, tradition and imagination in day and boarding education for the young people of our region and beyond. As a Marist school, we plan and work so that everyone in our community can experience joy and hope. We are passionate about being a place where young people flourish. Assumption College could almost be better understood as a ‘village’ rather than merely a school. Set on 95 acres (33 hectares) we encompass a lively secondary school, a boarding community of students, families and their pets, a profitable farm, a celebrated restaurant, a professional wellbeing and health centre and enviable sporting facilities.

      Our students and staff are confident, creative, and generous people who love their school and demonstrate great pride in the privilege of attending Assumption College. We are progressive in our educational and pedagogical standards, and are committed to offering students as many pathways to their chosen careers as we can possibly manage. We celebrate academic, relational, vocational, physical, and spiritual growth. Our Catholic faith is invitational. We welcome everyone who seeks, like us, to build the just, kind peaceful, and joyful world that Jesus proclaimed. We believe in, and work for, respectful relationships and restorative words and behaviours. Our College motto calls to us to ‘seek the things that are above’, and I hope that through this website, and in any future opportunities you have to meet and know our people, you see, feel, and experience a school community that embodies this with joy. With peace and blessings.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

      ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Kate Fogarty

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