St Elizabeth’s Primary School

    Address: 111 Bakers Rd
    Dandenong North

    Phone: 9795 5258
    • Profile

      St. Elizabeth’s Parish School is a Catholic Parish Primary School striving to make faith real in the world for all within our care. Parents and Staff support our students to grow to their full potential as active participating members of the faith community following Christ’s example.

      Our school is focused on safety for our school community in all areas, including the physical, the relational and the digital environment.

      Our educational purpose is to meet the needs of the current generation by supporting all our students to become independent and self motivated. We encourage them to be learners who have a deep understanding about themselves, others and the world around them. We strive to develop their capacity to build and maintain relationships and actively and positively contribute to the global community.

      As teachers we see ourselves as a community of lifelong learners committed to the provision of innovative learning opportunities for every student. We believe that focussed teaching brings about powerful learning. We take advantage of contemporary tools and learning environments to support the provision of relevant, rich and personalised learning opportunities.